About Us

Oubinov is a new, London based brand headed by recent Middlesex University Fashion Design graduate Sabrina Oubinov.

As a designer, Sabrina’s style focuses on exploring contrasting silhouettes, playing with volume and shape, and teaming together dissimilar fabrics and textures to create pieces that are above all, wearable, practical and comfortable. Often inspired by architecture and other rigidly structured forms, the brand vision is to dress resolute, strong-willed women who demand clothing that shows allegiance to their femininity yet is not restrained by traditional shapes and forms.

The brand strives to offer luxurious garments that stand out, pay attention to detail and make no compromises on quality. The fabrics used to for every collection are sourced from all around the world – from Indian cotton to Italian wools, French silks and mixed fibres from Japan which benefit from advanced technology that results in distinctive fabrics that are not only exquisite to look at but also to touch.

The main point of importance for the brand is the quality production of the garments. In order to achieve this, we made the decision to close the circle of production, and we proudly own a manufacturing facility in Bulgaria.

Our production team consists of highly skilled and dedicated seamstresses who are passionate and take great pride in every article that they bring to realization. Another significant choice was to eliminate the use of a production line which means that each seamstress is responsible from start to finish for one garment which ensures a consistent quality and also gives each member of the manufacturing team more work satisfaction as it allows them to build a much more cherished relationship with the collection, and ensures that everyone works towards the same goal – create garments that exceed the expectations of our clients.